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Warrior One

Warrior One are 2 people. They currently reside on opposites sides of a big park in East London. They are Irish, African, English, and Brummie in unequal measures. Warrior One have put out 3 records so far: 1 on Mixpak and 2 on King Pigeon. King Pigeon is their label. King Riddim is a track they did with Lady Chann. So far this year they have done 16 remixes that they can remember, a dozen festivals that are a bit hazy and one particular foreign trip that should probably be forgotten…

Now press releases/biogs are usually pretty dull affairs… We could tell you all about their mid-90s Junglist influences, how they have worked with Serocee and Rubi Dan. We could tell you all about their Glasto performance in front of 8000, and even how they used to listened to their dads Stevie Wonder records blah blah biography nonsense… But that would just be boring, something you probably know already (and besides it was always about the Neil Diamond anyway) So instead to fill the space, we can let you in on some interesting facts. For example, did you know that one of the Warriors is surprisingly fluent in German, but cannot swim? The other is a qualified yachtsman but scared of frogs. You may also be excited to know both have never eaten snails, and neither have a tattoo. You may even find it fascinating that one of them has a weakness for designer socks and the other for wooden spoons. If you’ve not stopped reading already you might like to know that their favourite pub is the Florist. Or that one of them has only ever been a single football match and one of them doesn’t own a checked shirt. But maybe all you really need to know is this: Their tunes get played worldwide. Their beats are tough and in demand. They can smash any dancefloor to bits. And they’re only going to keep on doing this because that’s what they love doing.

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