Pen And Pixel

Lil Scrappy Look At Me Cover Art

Last week we mentioned that Pen and Pixel did the artwork for the new Lil Scrappy single and even if that name didn’t ring a bell, it’s likely you’re already a fan of their work. Plainly speaking, Pen and Pixel is a Houston based graphic design firm that is responsible for some of the craziest, best record covers of all time. In the late 90s, they were designing covers an incredible number of Southern rappers and labels, including Master P, Lil Wayne, No Limit Records and Cash Money Records. It’s not really a stretch to say they provided the visual aesthetic for bling-era Southern rap and that their influence is still very visible in the mixtape cover and rap record cover game today. A Mixpak all time favorite has to be this Big Bear Doin Thangs cover.

For more classics, check out Complex Magazine’s list of The 25 Most Ridiculous Pen & Pixel Album Covers of All Time and then watch this video of Louis Theroux visiting the Pen and Pixel studios to see where the magic happens.