Half On A Baby Passes Two Million Views

It’s been just over a year since Vybz Kartel got arrested. At that time, we were just a week away from shooting a video for “Half On A Baby,” the second single from “Kingston Story.” Given his legal situation, we were never able to get it done. In spite of that, “Half On A Baby” has grown to be a big song on its own, finding an interesting life on the internet. The song touched a nerve and became the choice soundtrack to a new dance kids in New York city are doing called the Bronx Wine. Hundreds of kids of have uploaded videos of themselves doing the Bronx Wine to “Half On A Baby” (see a few examples here, here, here and here). So as disappointing as it was to not give the song a bigger chance with a proper video, it seems the music found its way into culture on its own.

The uploaded track with basic cover art just passed two million views on the Mixpak YouTube channel and the Half On A Baby/Bronx Wine movement continues to grow. Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting.