Mixpak FM: EL CUCU¥


Mixpak FM 058 comes from Portland based producer, EL CUCU¥. Last year he impressed us deeply with his trunk-rattling submission for the first Mixpak Pressure compilation – ‘Thug Theogony’. He’s as mysterious as his boogieman name suggests, but his eyes (and ears) are firmly on the club – with tracks spanning from hyperactive juke to blissed out 112bpm and dark trap.

His Mixpak FM passes through some dreamlike dancehall, latin club, his own remixes & edits as well as some Mixpak family faves.

Download – Mixpak FM 058: EL CUCU¥

Mixpak FM 058: EL CUCU¥ Tracklist

1. Pet Shop Boys – Home and Dry (Rizzla Remix)
2. Chromatics – Lady Ting (Riot Earp x Hartbreaks Remix)
3. Dubbel Dutch – Rare Earth
4. SPF666 – Scorpion Cache (EL CUCU¥ Edit)
5. Mestah – Watch Out For This Tarraxa Remix 2013
6. D-V3KZ – Little Dog
7. Nadastrom – DTLA
8. JSTJR & Happy Colors – La Latina
9. Gabriel Rowano – Whoooop!!
10. Craxxxmurf – Napo
11. Red Milk – Pop
12. Lx Monkey Beatz – Batida (Nigga Fox)(EL CUCU¥ Edit)
13. Crooked Bois – INU
14. Bro Safari & UFO – Drama (JSTJR Remix)
15. Blingyeras – MadQuestion (Colin Domigan Remix)
16. Happy Colors – On Dat Thang
17. That Devastator – Ping Pong x Teke Teke (TwerkGawd Remix)(EL CUCU¥ Edit)
18. Nah Like – My Gun (Rite Clique Remix)
19. JSTJR – Cerveja (D-V3KZ & EL CUCU¥ Remix)
20.The Partysquad – Lighterman (JSTJR Bootleg)