Announcing Wildlife! – Patterns


We’re proud to announce “Patterns,” the ambitious first official Mixpak release from Swiss artist Wildlife!, to be released May 13th. Although Wildlife! may be best known to the Mixpak audience as a producer adept in exploring the outer fringes of dancehall-tinged club music, “Patterns” is a carefully considered 7-track examination of the principles and constraints of club music. It is undeniably his most uncompromising record to date.

“Patterns” is made up of untrustworthy rhythms, a heavily industrial sound palette and machinic melody evocative of dystopian sci-fi. It is club music broken down into its various components and then deliberately reconstituted into something new. On May 14th, we invite you to experience the record in a physical space: Wildlife! will be translating “Patterns” into an immersive sound installation at SIGNAL Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The site specific installation is in collaboration with artist collective Nitemind (who have previously worked with Korakrit Arunanondchai and Tim Hecker) and visual artist Jesse Hlebo.

You can pre-order “Patterns” right here.

Wildlife! - Patterns Installation 1000px