Jubilee Season


Jubilee’s LP “After Hours” dropped last month and she’s been busy telling everyone her secrets. Listen to the record below and take a look at her interviews & features!

Fact Magazine: “Jubilee is the kind of DJ who redefines the phrase “life of the party”

Pitchfork: “After Hours is a meticulously produced affair”

Miami New Times: “I’m from Miami. I want people to dance.”

Complex: “Jubilee’s crafted a project that not only speaks to the dancehall and electro vibes that make her her, but she’s effectively written a love letter depicting a night out in one of America’s most vibrant cities.”

Milk: “NYC’s Fave DJ”

Dummy: “‘After Hours’ is the 11-tracker we’ve all been waiting for”

FADER: “Jubill made an album about clubbing that you’ll actually want to play in a club”