Food Pyramid – Oh Mercy

“Oh Mercy” is the first single off Food Pyramid’s new album Mango Sunrise. The record is due out in March on Minneapolis label Moon Glyph.

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Melé Live at The Nest

Melé has this week’s Mix of the Week over at Mixmag, a live recording from his set at The Nest in London a few weeks back. You can grab the tracklist, that includes DJ Zinc, Mala, Wiley, DJ Rashad and a heap of club classics over at his tumblr.

MOTW: MELÉ @ The Nest by Mixmag

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Vintage Video: Cutty Ranks

“The Stopper” was a minor mainstream hit for dancehall pioneer Cutty Ranks. The video has a great, lo-fi, DayGlo fogginess that really fits the tune’s bubbly, ragga, riddim. “The Stopper” is from Ranks’ album by the same name, released on London-based Fashion Records in 1991.

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Mixpak Interview Series: Poirier

Montreal’s Poirier is one of the latest to join the Mixpak family, releasing his jump-up Soca Road EP to much vuvuzela fanfare last month. Of course, he has a long musical history, having produced with Crookers, dj/rupture, Warrior Queen, MC Zulu and released numerous EPs across numerous genres, from ambient to soca. We asked him about playing 160bpm, producing in different languages and running his label, ALSO records.

Mixpak: How did you get into the music you produce & play?

It’s been a long curve, cos when I started making music I released a few ambient albums – so it’s quite different from where I am right now. It’s all related though so it was just a long and slow progression over about 10 years, so from ambient I went to abstract hip hop and from abstract hip hop I started doing more dancehall riddims and then I started to work with vocalists. Then I discovered soca music. So now I try to do a bit of everything…

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Dubbel Dutch live at Happy Ending Fridays

This is a 90-minute live recording of Dubbel Dutch’s set from Happy Ending Fridays in Vancouver on the 27th January. Expect his signature upfront sounds tinged with RnB, hip hop and dancehall, alongside a whole heap of new remixes and offerings from Lil Scrappy, Ginuwine, Richie Loop and YC.

Dubbel Dutch live at Happy Ending Fridays by Fortune Sound Club

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Rhythm Composer: Famous Eno

Sub Skank went to visit Famous Eno in his home studio to talk about his influences, his records and his upcoming releases with Mixpak…if you listen closely you can even hear a sneak peak of his forthcoming track in the background. Coming soon!

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