Sunday Jam: Vado – Always On

Brand new video for ‘Always On’ from Harlem’s Vado.

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Brianna – Marilyn Monroe

Download the mp3: Brianna – Marilyn Monroe

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Cabo Snoop – Dancée

Cabo Snoop is back with a new record, which is nice to see after he was in a near-fatal car crash in Angola. This one is an infectious brass-laden track, complete with dance instructions.

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Corcovado & Boyfriend – Baby I’m scared

This track is a highlight from the new Moombahsoul III The Finale compilation presented by David Heartbreak. Moombahsoul III along with volumes I and II are available for free download at MAD DECENT’s blog. And while you’re at it, check out Heartbreak’s remixes of the Weeknd’s new mixtape, Thursday on his Soundcloud.

Corcovado & Boyfriend – Baby im scared by CORCOVADO

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This Week In Twitter

A roundup of this week’s choice twitter posts from Mixpak artists, remixers and extended family.

MixpakMixpak: Proud to announce our latest Mixpak FM from Extreme Animals! Don’t miss this one @jacobciocci @George_Costanza

Dubbel DutchDubbel Dutch: Still got a couple avails left for the Europe tour in October ! Holler at

Doc DaneekaDoc Daneeka: chckchk my presk Remix. out in october on the Audio Culture label i believe. x

L-Vis 1990L-Vis 1990: Mehdi was an inspiration to us all. Never a bad word to say about anything and always a huge smile on his face. One in a million

Carl Warrior OneCarl Warrior One: The Yang EP is NUMBER ONE in this weeks Garage/UKFunky @junorecords charts! Big up everyone that bought a copy!

Hard NipsHard Nips: We finally locked down our fall come back show! .. coming up on 9/25 @theglasslands with The Suzan @thesuzan & Lot Boy? ..PSYCHED!!!!

Lee MortimerLee Mortimer: New remix forthcoming on Sick Slaughterhouse…

ukmeleukmele: its not “electro” but im number 1 on juno right now :) big up everyone whos bought it!! @mixpak

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Exclusive Stream: Leatherface – “Crypt Reefer”

Juke and footwork may have only just recently gained international interest, but there’s been underground love for the sound in Paris for a minute now. “France always had love for Chicago and Detroit’s ghetto music – ghetto house, ghettotech, juke, footwork,” explains Leatherface, an artist raised in Paris who makes footwork. “It’s a mixed crowd. There’s curious types, music lovers, hipsters, and hip hop heads. But I’ve never seen a French footwork dancer.” He’s been working with Chicago producers since 2007, when he created a French chapter of the Violator Juke Squad with support from the Chi’s DJ Slugo, who ran the seminal Subterranean Playhouse imprint. Leatherface is also cofounder of the Nightmare Juke Squad and Booty Call Records.

On Sept 19th, he’ll be dropping his first juke LP called Tales Of The Jukesaw where he takes inspiration from horror movies soundtracks, Dirty South hip hop, and psychedelic rock. The track below is an exclusive stream from the album where he proves his skills by rocking a series of beat switch ups in a deep palette coupled with swirling horror samples. When delving into other styles, Leatherface uses the alias Captain Kadillac, the name he used to whip Mixpak FM around the web. (Photo of Zombie Walk Paris by Rasoloarison Live.)

Leatherface – “Crypt Reefer”

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