Popcaan on Radio Lily

We’re celebrating the release of the first single from Popcaan’s new album today on Radio Lily. Tune in to our regular Mixpak Sound System slot at 6pm EST on www.radiolily.com to hear Dubbel Dutch, Jubilee & Dre Skull in the mix followed by a live interview with Popcaan in Jamaica with Max Glazer.

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Popcaan – Everything Nice Out Now!

Popcaan Everything Nice

We’re happy to announce that the first single from Popcaan’s album has landed! ‘Everything Nice’ (produced by Dubbel Dutch) is out now on Mixpak, listen below and buy it at iTunes / Juno / Mixpak Store.

Watch out for more details of the album, executive produced by Dre Skull.

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Murlo & Famous Eno on NTS Radio

Murlo & Famous Eno have just dropped their ‘Ariel’ release & VIP video on Mixpak and to celebrate, they’ll be live on London’s NTS radio this Thursday night with Serocee & Trigganom on the mic. You might even get to hear some upcoming Mixpak material.

Lock in online on the NTS site from 12am GMT (Friday morning) or 7pm EST Thursday night.

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Mixpak FM: EL CUCU¥


Mixpak FM 058 comes from Portland based producer, EL CUCU¥. Last year he impressed us deeply with his trunk-rattling submission for the first Mixpak Pressure compilation – ‘Thug Theogony’. He’s as mysterious as his boogieman name suggests, but his eyes (and ears) are firmly on the club – with tracks spanning from hyperactive juke to blissed out 112bpm and dark trap.

His Mixpak FM passes through some dreamlike dancehall, latin club, his own remixes & edits as well as some Mixpak family faves.

Download – Mixpak FM 058: EL CUCU¥

Tracklist below »

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Popcaan – Everything Nice out Oct 1st

We’re very excited to announce that the first single from Popcaan’s upcoming Mixpak album will be dropping on October 1st, you can pre-order it now. A long time in the making, the album will be coming in early 2014. We’ll soon be revealing the producers and guest features, but for the minute we can say that the first track is produced by our own Dubbel Dutch. Keep an eye on our Twitter / Facebook / Instagram for more updates and streams in the next weeks.

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‘Ariel VIP’ – Official Video

We dropped Murlo & Famous Eno’s crazy instrumental grime track, ‘Ariel’, with remix from Spooky, last month. For the even crazier VIP version of the track, Murlo has put together this animated video.

Listen the original release below or buy the whole thing here.

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