Mixpak FM: Bosstone

Mixpak FM 049 comes from young Australian producer, Bosstone. His productions, which have seen releases on Sounds of Sumo, Scattermusic & Freshmore, take in sounds from corners of the US music landscape, from Jersey to Chicago and not forgetting that big 808 sound. His Frank Ocean and Amerie remixes certainly had us trippin’, and his latest instrumental offering, ‘Static’, has just dropped on Soulection.

Just like his influences, his Mixpak FM runs through some dark rap and big club sounds from the dirty south to Glasgow. He’s on tour in the USA throughout June, watch for his dates over at his Facebook page.

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Mixpak FM 049: Bosstone

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Supreme Cuts – Val Venus (Brenmar Remix)

Hip-hop production duo Supreme Cuts has started to garner some much deserved attention in the midst of the burgeoning rap scene of their home town, Chicago. A little slice of that attention comes in the form of some remix love from fellow Chicagoan and hop-head Brenmar. Brenmar’s remix has a heavier club feel with a fatter back beat than Supreme’s more nebulous original. Check out Supreme Cuts’ Band Camp and Soundcloud for more.

Rashad & Spinn vs Don’t Watch That TV

London video makers and hosters of Just Jam, Tim & Barry of Don’t Watch That TV, headed to Chicago to film the Tek Life life. The video is as chopped-up and stop-start as the music, featuring dancers, home studio shots, footage of Chicago and…Rashad & Spinn at Stonehenge. It’s trippy mane!

DJ Roc – Flex Juke Mix

Most people thought that when juke blew up, the tracks that would bring the style into the ears of everyone outside of Chicago would be the club ready joints that frequently sample vocals from recent well-know cuts. Instead, the battle-oriented footwork tracks were the ones that attracted the spotlight. But that big, party driven sound can still get it jukin. Just take a listen to this exclusive cut from The Shy’s DJ Roc, “Flex Juke Mix”. It takes the already dance infecting lyrics from Party Boyz “Flex,” and brings them to the next level. (“Flex” is a dance itself, but not the NYC-born style Flexin.) Roc is part of the BOTC Crew, a group of DJs from the Southside that includes members DJ Phaze, DJ P-Nut, DJ Yung Tel Em, and a number of affiliates. If you want to cop some more of Roc’s beats, check his Flash Store. (Art by Chris Parks.)

DJ Roc, “Flex Juke Mix” (exclusive!)

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The Honorable DJ Clent

The UK’s fledgling Blank Mind label is prepping for its sophomore release, BLNK002: The Honorable DJ Clent The Low-End Legend, to be released on vinyl in late May. The record is a crate-digging repress of a couple late 90′s Juke classics from Chicago footwork pioneer, DJ Clent. The flagship track from the release,”3rd World,” which appeared on Clent’s first 12″ released by Dance Mania Records, has an almost eerie synth-horn line coupled with the syncopated claps and low end toms that define the Tek sound. The B-side of the EP goes just as hard, hinging on the track’s catchy namesake hook (“hit it from the back!”) and a beat that dodges between a juke triplet feel and straight four-on-the-floor house kick. The EP is an easily approachable crash course in the history of the Chicago Juke sound and an exciting release for the new label.

Mixpak Interview Series: Brenmar

Brenmar mixes hip-hop and R&B with an addictive pop sensibility that appeals to the savvy house-heads and casual club-goers alike. His string of EPs and collaborations have been garnering some serious attention and now he’s bringing his forward-thinking ear and approach to house music to the Mixpak family. I caught up with Brenmar to talk about his upcoming release, his approach and opinion of mainstream music and what puts him in a creative state of mind.

So what takes you out to LA?

Living, working, trying to connect with others. Just switching up the vibez a lil’ bit. There’s a lot going on right now out here, it’s dope!

You’ve talked a little about the Chicago scene being hard to make it big in, or maybe “make it out of” is a better way to put it. Can you describe the electronic scene the way it was when you were still living here? Also, did you have much contact with other big Illinoisans like Kid Sister and Flosstradamus or The Cool Kids?

Yea Chicago is hard to get respect in, it’s not just Chicago though, the same could be said for most other cities. You don’t get respect until you leave and “make it” somewhere else. Sad that it’s like that in Chicago because there’s a lot of talent in the city that’s not appreciated like it should be. I know Kid Sis, Flosstradamus and the Cool Kids, they all homies, most of them have left the city too. I ain’t forgot about Chicago though, never will, it made me who I am. I rep Chicago all the time, everywhere I go.