Leftside Vs The World

It’s not really like we needed any more genre names to deal with, but Leftside’s self-coined ‘Teggae Reggae’ is a breath of fresh air to say the least. In the last few weeks, he has released 3 huge tunes that don’t seem to fit into the usual dancehall template. We’d already seen an inkling of it in last year’s ‘Phat Punani’, but now he’s really put the accelerator on.

For some reason, they’re labelling the biggest tune of the three, ‘Jump Up Around’, as the ‘Euromix’. It might be the first time any music labelled with ‘euro’ has actually been good. His new production style is a surefire way to show the world that dancehall is constantly crosspollinating, constantly exciting, and constantly keeping you moving.

Leftside & Shaggy – Jump Up Around

Leftside – Dance (People)

Leftside & Syon – Ghetto Gyal Wine