Pon Di Cocky (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Aidonia was a vocalist destined for uptempo riddims, his fast flow sits just right on tracks like this and this. Seems Dubbel Dutch is in agreement with his latest remix of the Stephen Di Genius produced ‘Pon Di Cocky’, amping it up and probably bringing di-di-di-di-donia as close to trance as he’s gonna get. Grab the free download:

Leftside – Bubble (Dubbel Dutch Blend)

Dubbel Dutch laces us with a new blend! Keeping it dancehall, this time he brings together Leftside with the NOLA sound, courtesy of T.I. & Lil Wayne (get well soon!). Get the free download and be sure to tune into Mixpak Sound System on Radio Lily tonight from 6-8pm EST.

Leftside Vs The World

It’s not really like we needed any more genre names to deal with, but Leftside’s self-coined ‘Teggae Reggae’ is a breath of fresh air to say the least. In the last few weeks, he has released 3 huge tunes that don’t seem to fit into the usual dancehall template. We’d already seen an inkling of it in last year’s ‘Phat Punani’, but now he’s really put the accelerator on.

For some reason, they’re labelling the biggest tune of the three, ‘Jump Up Around’, as the ‘Euromix’. It might be the first time any music labelled with ‘euro’ has actually been good. His new production style is a surefire way to show the world that dancehall is constantly crosspollinating, constantly exciting, and constantly keeping you moving.

Leftside & Shaggy – Jump Up Around

Leftside – Dance (People)

Leftside & Syon – Ghetto Gyal Wine

New Leftside


The funky bashment tip is running hard in Jamaica, with Sticky’s ‘Jumeirah’ even making it onto Assassin’s mad mixtape last month. Leftside’s ‘Dem Gyal Deh’ has been ripping the dancefloor for a few weeks, with its killer brass and straight-up funky bassline produced by the man himself.  Lock in around 1:24 for some crazy Leftside rhymes.

Leftside has been dropping the dancehall bombs left, right and center in the last few months. His latest release on KeepLeft Records, ‘Phat Punani’ (seems he has some obsession, having released a track with the exact same name about a year ago) leaves the funky aside for a bona fide minimalist dancehall bassline. Try not to wheel this one, I dare you.