Popcaan on Bobby Shmurda “Reggae Remix”


Bobby Shmurda lines up JA stars Mavado, Junior Reid, Jah X and Popcaan for the ‘reggae’ remix of the tune taking over NY right now: ‘Hot N***a’! Out in the streets, they call it…

Popcaan at Scandinavia Reggae Festival


Popcaan plays live with the Dub Akon band at Scandinavia Reggae Festival this weekend in Copenhagen! Tickets and info here.

He was also recently interviewed by Hattie Collins for Red Bull, discussing his album, to perceptions of Jamaica and shooting The System video:

’Nuff people say Jamaica is the worst place. We have a saying where I grew up, ‘The best come from the worst’. It’s a small place, very small, people say all kind of bad things about it. But I feel it’s how people try to paint a bad picture about Jamaica – why? So much positive things come out of Jamaica. They say Jamaica is a violent place. People come and party and they say ‘If you go to the garrison people will come shoot you’. It’s people trying to say bad things – why, when we have good vibes?

Read in full here.

Wildlife! – Dancehall 101 Volume 2

Dancehall 101 Vol.2

It was only a couple of months back that Wildlife! dropped his first Dancehall 101 mix, and now he has a follow-up of nearly 2 hours of brand new dancehall. Tons of Alkaline, Mavado, I-Octane, Konshens and of course support for Popcaan!

Popcaan Press Round-Up


Thank you to everyone supporting the Popcaan album and pushing it up the iTunes charts! If you are in Jamaica, be sure to check his party next week at Tracks & Records. Here is a quick round-up of all the great things happening. #WWCF

Myspace: ‘Popcaan has found a way to address universal issues of sufferation that resonate all the way from Kingston to Kuala Lumpur’

V Magazine: ‘the body of work not only proves lyrical prowess and a razor-sharp ear for infectious melodies, it subtly reveals the exceptional vibrancy of Poppy’s worldview’

iD Magazine: ‘The new album shows off his sense of humour, his wicked way with words and his ability to put out a sex-laden party track (singing “Ya pussy pretty like the building dem a Canada” in Love Yuh Bad), but there’s a core of socially conscious anthems here that also establish him as a sensitive and smart singjay for the ghetto, most especially its youth’

Rinse choose it as their track of the week

Complex: a powerful piece of work

The Guardian: the one album you should listen to this week

Mass Appeal hang out with Popcaan for a photo essay

Cover story in Germany’s Riddim Magazine

Review froms Reggaeville & United Reggae

Buy the album now >>

Dubbel Dutch Fader Mixtape

Dubbel Dutch Fader Mixtape

Following on from Popcaan’s Fader cover story, Dubbel Dutch was tapped for a brand new mixtape and interview.

For this mix I dipped into my recent archives and featured some lesser known cuts (many by female dancehall deejays), a bunch of my own unreleased remixes ranging from pop to R&B records, and I also included the first track that I produced for Popcaan that finally came out today along with his debut album. There’s also a track from UK artist Murlo featuring Gemma Dunleavy (a vocalist he’s been collaborating with) and a new pop dancehall thing from Palmistry. The general vibe of the mix is uplifting, innocent, and ethereal. This will sound cliche, but it’s a complete soundtrack for falling in love in the summertime.

It also features a brand new track from Palmistry, coming soon on Mixpak.

Read the full interview here.

Popcaan – Where We Come From Out Now

Popcaan cover art final

Popcaan’s debut album, Where We Come From, is out now on Mixpak! Buy now via iTunes or in the Mixpak Store.

Executive produced by Dre Skull and featuring productions from Dre Skull, Dubbel Dutch, Jamie Roberts, Anju Blaxx and Adde Instrumentals, Popcaan’s first full length offering sees his signature melodies and uplifting tones on thirteen original tracks. As musicologist Wayne Marshall writes in his essay on the album:

“Where We Come From” gives voice, as the best reggae does, to the contradictions of life in a society rife with inequities and yet so rich. Whether odes to the ghetto or the good life, Popcaan’s lyrics bring realist portraits and utopian visions into dynamic tension. Songs about struggle and sex and happiness occupy the same space because they do. And whatever the topic, Popcaan’s infectious positivity comes through.”

Explore the album here.