Lil Scrappy – Look At Me (Bok Bok Remix)

Brodinski’s latest curated project, “The Best of Everything, Volume 2″ is exactly that – a compilation that throws underground dance music allstars against the best r&b and hip hop of the last two decades. There are myriad highlights (Renaissance Man remixing Lil Wayne?! I almost died), but one of the standout tracks is the grimey Bok Bok redux of Lil Scrappy’s recent Mixpak single.

Bok Bok turns Lil Scrappy’s “grown ass man rapping” into a cough syrup injected drawl where you can almost hear Scrappy’s gold teeth clacking together nervously in between lines, ready to run off somewhere.

Be sure to grab the whole release, as Bok Bok, Brenmar, Dubbel Dutch, French Fries, J-Wow, Nguzunguzu, Renaissance Man Wildlife! and more throw down spectacular versions of your favorite hip hop guilty pleasures.

Grab it here:
Lil Scrappy- Look At Me (Bok Bok Remix)

Renaissance Man’s Babbadabba EP

A while ago I read in a Guide To Finland that Helsinki is a truly beautiful city but that some of its citizens tend to be quite hostile towards people who don’t speak their slang. I don’t know whether this is true or not but if there are any producers extremely kind towards people not speaking ‘their slang’ by distributing outstanding tunes, it would have to be the two men who bundled forces on this Finnish shore: Renaissance Man. They’ve previously made a Mixpak appearance on the Sissy Nobby EP (Lay Me Down remix), and released their older EPs on Sound Pellegrino and Dubsided. It’s now Made To Play‘s turn to release their third EP Babbadabba which will be released on May 24th, but is already available to stream on Soundcloud as we speak. Three lovely summer tracks without boundaries if I may!

Style Of Eye’s Ministry Of Sound Compilation

Ministry of Sound is releasing a new double disc compilation from Style Of Eye and they’ve licensed Renaissance Man’s Sissy Nobby “Lay Me Down” remix from us. Looks like a winner.

The second chapter of Ministry of Sound’s Club series has been mixed by Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye. The DJ and producer is specialized in a tech-house driven sound with bits of electro to it. On his 2008 album Duck, Cover and Hold we could see his talent. Now he shows his skills again on a new compilation that features two discs: the first simulating the kind of set one might hear on a night out at Ministry of Sound, and the second collecting Eklows’s own productions and remixes.

Ministry of Sound Club Presents – Style of Eye will be out on April 26th, 2010.
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Renaissance Man Bootcut: Canto Della Kalimba

Thinking out of the box, outside walls, and over borders, Renaissance Man are following up their breakout 2009 year with a steady stream of new material, including remixes for Poni Hoax, Solo, Crookers, Norman Palm, and a “sure-to-be-exceptional” EP dropping May 3rd on Made To Play.

But remember, “the distinction between the past, present & future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion”, so let’s revisit a classic bootcut that RM crafted in 2009, blending baile funk with kalimba piano & sweeping filter sounds. Here’s hoping 2010 will continue to break down borders for the duo.

Renaissance Man – Canto Della Kalimba Bootcut

Mixpak Interview Series: Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man

They’re everything most men wish they could be: dapper, sophisticated, modern, and really, REALLY good at making a new genre of house music that has the world enthralled, ecstatic and confused, all at the same time. They’re also secretly a new breed of super-human warriors who can survive being submerged in lava and can go weeks without sleep. Okay, so the last part wasn’t true, but geeez, Renaissance Man have one of the most impressive work ethics I’ve heard of in years.

They describe themselves as “a platform for contemporary dance music” and 2009 saw a rush of new users embrace the platform. With an onslaught of remixes for Turbo, Kitsune, several classy bootcuts, and EPs on Dubsided and Sound Pellegrino, Renaissance Man arrived in style.

Scandinavian upstarts Martti (Jaxxon) and Ville (Downtown) took some time while they were in the studio to talk about the resurgance of open minded dance music. [Note: this interview took place several months back, apologies for our delay in posting.]

Brendan: What are some of your first memories and experiences of house music?

Jaxxon: The city where I used to live in Finland when I was younger called Turku had a very vibrant house scene in the 90′s. The whole late 90′s deep house thing hit me hard.

Downtown: Yeah, same here. I started feeling it in the late 90s.

Jaxxon: Actually we are now working in the studio one of the O.G Finnish house guys, Sasse, aka Freestyle Man in Berlin.

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Sissy Nobby “Lay Me Down” Remix Ep Out Now!

Sissy Nobby Lay Me Down Remixes

Mixpak is proud to release Sissy Nobby’s “Lay Me Down” Remix EP – grab it now on iTunes!

Sissy Nobby is a New Orleans institution, performing at Bounce parties 6 to 7 nights a week, 365 days a year. Check Nobby’s myspace and you’re looking at over 10 million plays! We have an upcoming Sissy Nobby single, “Lay Me Down,” that will see proper release (with vinyl) in early 2010, but the remixes were so good, we couldn’t hold ‘em back any longer. The EP features remixes from A1 Bassline, Bitch Ass Darius, DJ Sega, Kanji Kinetic, L-Vis 1990 and Renaissance Man. Pick your favorite!