Dubbel Dutch at Lit City Rave

“The creator and god of ghetto house music” DJ Deeon makes his NYC debut this Friday (what??!). Dubbel Dutch supports alongside Deeon’s fellow Chi-town DJ, Traxman and Lit City residents. Dance mania!

Koyote Juno Chart

Koyote, who releases his Blowin My Mind EP on Mixpak next Tuesday, has filed a Juno chart of his top 10, featuring Traxman, Actress, Funkystepz and more.

Head here to read the full chart and head here to hear the preview of his EP.

Da Traxman and DJ Earl Project

Two of Juke’s biggest names, Traxman and DJ Earl, have teamed up for this 30-minute mix of madness. As usual, it’s a test of your sample knowledge…watch out for the juked out version of MJ’s ‘Earth Song’ around half way through.

We Juke The Tracks Out

Wills Glasspiegel has made this short video for NPR on Juke & Footwork. Shot in Chicago and featuring some of the producers making the best juke sounds out there talking about their craft – RP Boo, Traxman, DJ Earl – it gives a quick insight into how the sounds get created, how the dances get danced, and how kraftwerk gets footworked.

[Via Dutty Artz]