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Released on March 3rd, 2015

Jubilee - Jealous 1000

Mixpak Records is proud to present “Jealous,” the new two track EP from Brooklyn-via-Miami producer Jubilee that sinks deep into both her Florida bass music roots and her diverse club influences.

“Explosion” is a powerful hybridized bomb of bass that manages to make dancers both jack AND freak. How is that possible? Enter the power of Jubilee. That kick drum might be referencing UK club sounds but those 808′s are all Miami. What if Pitbull went to Eskimo Dance in London in 2003? He might have asked for a track like “Explosion,” but no one would have known how to properly execute. Jubilee knows, though.

Referential but never retro, “Jealous” conjures up images of a DJ mid-blend during a rave on the beach, transitioning from Miami Bass into Freestyle, or a white label from Bow. Close your eyes, imagine palm trees and flamingos getting down under a disco ball, while Debbie Deb just stands in the corner, nodding approvingly.

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Originally released on March 3rd, 2015

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