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Released on October 12th, 2010

Lord of Bashy

We’ve got a deadly Warrior One single, ‘Lord Of Bashy’, and it’s truly something special. The London based production duo are making big moves right now and this release sees vocalist Rubi Dan toasting over a very infectious riddim with the perfect dose of low end. With support across the board and consistently fresh tracks like “King Riddim” and “Bad Like Jimmy Cliff,” you can expect to be seeing a lot more from these two. The remixes from Douster, Foamo, Greymatter and Doc Daneeka (our man delivered two!)—range from swampy bashment vibes to militant 2 step sub busters—and they are all crazy good! The Lord Of Bashy Instrumental is thrown in for good measure. Large!

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Originally released on October 12th, 2010