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Released on October 4th, 2011

Midsummer Tales Remixes

Last spring French producer Koyote dropped “Midsummer Tales”, the first installment in an ambitious trilogy of original EP’s for Mixpak. Now with the dawning of fall comes a batch of remixes, handpicked by Koyote himself. The “Midsummer Tales” EP is a striking collection of psychedelic body music steeped in techno tradition but focused on looking forward, its remixes are no different.

French house supergroup Marble Players flip “Night Train” into a Bleep n’ Bass monster while Altered Natives goes deep on “St Vincent Lespinasse”, splitting the difference between London and Detroit. The legendary Ceephax Acid Crew takes the same track in a different direction, working out some playful but emotional cyber electro. Koyote himself turns in a VIP mix of “St Vincent Lespinasse” that strips the original down and rebuilds it with a more overt orchestral feel full of suspense and driving energy.

The explorative vibe of this release fits perfectly with Mixpak’s larger vision as a label. Rather than color between the lines, weʼve been building a brand that rewards forward-thinking creativity regardless of genre. Mixpak’s goal for the future is to continue uniting sounds and scenes and building something bigger than the sum of its parts. This is just one more piece of puzzle.

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Originally released on October 4th, 2011

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